Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transparent Screen Illusion

Have you seen the graphically amazing scene from Cameron’s movie Avatar, and while we might not see anything else from the movie in our lifetime, the screens are in reality now.  Yah, we can make our own transparent screen. All you have to do is to have the following requirements: A Laptop or PC (anything that with a screen), digital camera and a simple image editing program. You must also have the virtue of patience.

Here are the steps in making the transparent screen:
1.  First thing is to find a certain place you stand or sit, take the shot of what's behind your screen without the laptop and don’t disturbing other items in the background.  Basically all you do is change the desktop picture on your computer screen to match what is behind it. It is actually a little bit difficult. In taking photos do not use flush, and take many pictures with different settings. Then put your monitor back.
2. Import the photo to your image edit software or image editor like iPhoto and see which ones are closest to how it should look. Cut the area of the edited photo you need, set the edited photo as your wallpaper.
3. After that, stand or sit where you just took the first photo, and choose right direction and distance to shoot a photo that looks like transparent. Special attention should be taken to the lines on the screen especially the edge of desk which should match to the background, so taking more photos and being patience is the key to a perfect work.

Making a transparent screen is a very skilled procedure to make it look exactly real. A little bit of adjustments in the lighting conditions and some contrast values is sure to get the transparent screen up and running.

Here some awesome and fun examples of transparent screen illusion:




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