Monday, January 11, 2010

Digital Roll Laptop

    What laptops really looks like? Could you picture out a laptop or a notebook that has a screen and a keypad and is sort of square shaped but maybe with rounded corners? Sounds crazy, right? But you would be stunned if someone came out used a laptop in a cylindrical or tube shaped and it rolls up like a scroll. You might say that they were completely mad or some alien creature from another planet.

    Modern and high tech gadgets apart from being stylish are getting smaller every now and then. The latest creation to catch our eye is the “next generation laptop design” by Hao Hua, as it does away with the book-like form factor in favor of one mimicking an artist’s scroll. It is called Digital Roll Laptop.

    Digital Roll (D-roll) Laptop is awesome and unique gadget works like a usual laptop, but rolls up to be a side bag or even a backpack for easy transportation. It is designed like an artist’s tube. D-roll Laptop features a roll up OLED screen and a slide out keyboard, together with a mouse and a detachable webcam that can be worn on your wrist when not attached to the system. The mouse and web camera can also be used as the end caps for the laptop case, while the straps double as ports to plug in your USB devices.

    Despite the fact that it’s just a concept but the design is inspiring and would definitely catch the eyes of other designers wishing to create a better-looking and practical laptop. If this hits the market, it would be swept off the shelves in no time.


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