Friday, December 4, 2009

Vuzix Wrap 310 Widescreen Video Eyewear

    Sunglasses are a kind of visual correction aid and protect the eye pupil in order to prevent strong light, ultraviolet rays. But there is a sunglass where you can view videos, called Vuzix Wrap 310 by Vuzix Corporation.

    Paul Travers, the Vuzix CEO said "The Wrap 310 promises to change the game in portable video and we're thrilled to officially deliver this product to the masses". "TheWrap 310 brings advanced features to the video Eyewear category that no product has. With capabilities to add tracking and cameras that enable augmented reality and incredible gaming experiences; there is nothing like it on the market", added Travers.

  The Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear is a new class of video eyewear offering designer styling with unmatched features. It is a 16:9 wide screen format. It also features an improved on-screen user interface, included independent focus adjustments for users with corrective lenses and still features compatibility with all major 3D video formats. It is powered up by two (2) AA batteries up to six (6) hours.

   The Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear is compatible to the following devices:

    1. All iPod/iPhone models
    2. Portable DVD Players
    3. Mobile phones with video output
    4. PCs and laptops (Requires optional VGA cable adaptor)
    5. DVD/Blu-Ray players
    6. Portable media players

    Whether you are in a travel or want to play games, the Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear gets the job done in style.


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