Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Risk and Benefits of Cellular phones

    We all know that cellular phone is one of the cheapest means of communication. We can communicate our love one's, relatives, especial person etc. all around the globe in low cost. We can easily access to the outside world by sending a text message or by making a call.

    Text is one way to communicate, we don't need to go to the postal office to send mails and wait for how many days to receive expected mails. We just simply type the message, send it and just for a few a second a message will be receive to the recipient. If you wish to hear the voice to someone you miss or anyone else, or want to clarify and have important things to discuss, then you make a Call. Calling is a little bit expensive compare to sending a text message. The cost in making calls is depending on the range of time you've talk. We can also send money via text message like the G-cash, Smart Padala and etc.
    See how technology plays an important role to us. But too much using of Cellular phones caused harm to our health. We are exposing in Radiation when using cellular phones. Radiation can cause biological changes in cells when they are outside in our body. It can cause cataract, memory loss, hair loss, skin reddening and blistering, cell brain cancer and sometimes death.
    Too much using of cellular phones is not good. We need to think also our health. As what other say Health is wealth.


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