Sunday, February 7, 2010



Pet is a domesticated animal kept for companionship. Genpets are pets in the future and bioengineered pets. Genpets are mixed media installation art piece created by a 24 year old Sculptor and programmer named Adam Brandejs with assistance from makeup artist Crystal Pallister. It is considered a hoax of exposure.

The creations were sculpted; automated creatures made of latex and plastic, and housed robotic circuitry to simulate slow respiration. They looked like small, bald skinned and ugly humanoids. These little creatures are exhibited in numerous galleries in Toronto, and have been shown in Canada and Europe. Genpets are little creature that are living, breathing genetic mammals and come in 2 base configurations, a 1-year model, and 3-year model. . It has blood, bones, muscle and brain. If you cut them, they will bleed and die if mistreated like an ordinary animal. Genpets have limited vocal chords so they will not create a large amount of noise when disturbed. Genpets come in seven different personality types. Each personality type shows slightly different emotions. It will last for 1 to 3 years.

The original prototype and breeding Genpets were created using a process called "Zygote Micro Injection". Thereafter the Genpets are grown in assisted breeding lab farms. Zygote Micro Injection is quickly becoming a favorable method to combine DNA, or to insert certain proteins from different species. According to Adam Brandejs, the point of Genpets is to get the public thinking about the concept of bioengineering and how they feel about where that science might lead us.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

USB Digital Pregnancy Test

When you heard the word “pregnancy test kit”, it is simple strips that can be bought in drugstores and let you know your pregnancy status by testing your urine. Yet technology helps us to live life simple and convenient, and proved that anything can be turned into circuits, chips, and other computer related items. And now you can easily find out, if you are pregnant without even need to visit a doctor. You can use the Pteq, the USB Digital Pregnancy Test which was commercialized by

This USB Digital Pregnancy Test is like a typical test pact. The process starts off like regular pregnancy test.  Below are the following steps using the USB Digital Pregnancy Test:

  1. Pee on the stick, specifically the absorbent test strip at one end.
  2. Remove the cap from the other stick end, to reveal the USB connector.
  3. Pop the device in your computer.
  4. When you’re done with the test result, pop it out to your computer and change the strip. You will be able to review the results for more 5 minutes and then automatically off.

When you stick the device on the USB port, the power from your USB port will trigger a process called the electrospray ionization on the device, which creates a spectrograph of the various masses for your analysis. You don't need to see the actual spectrograph yourself because mass analysis happens inside the device. This USB Digital Pregnancy Test only analyzes for specific chemical makeups. The mass spectrometry software on the device comes with several sequenced hormones, including hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin), hCG-H (hyperglycosylated hCG - for detection before your first missed period), and LH (luteinizing hormone - for detection of your most fertile days).

The difference between this gadget and a usual test pack was it gives you a detailed spectrograph and analysis of your hormone levels. Another was if you are pregnant, it will display a cute baby face in digital format. In addition, using it as a tester for pregnancy you can also make use of the plotted data to predict your cycle, which can be used to tell the best time to get baby. This gadget is reusable which has 20 test strips and cost no more than $18. It is 99% accurate in detecting hCG, hCG-H and LH. However, these hormones do not necessarily indicate pregnancy or ovulation, respectively.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transparent Screen Illusion

Have you seen the graphically amazing scene from Cameron’s movie Avatar, and while we might not see anything else from the movie in our lifetime, the screens are in reality now.  Yah, we can make our own transparent screen. All you have to do is to have the following requirements: A Laptop or PC (anything that with a screen), digital camera and a simple image editing program. You must also have the virtue of patience.

Here are the steps in making the transparent screen:
1.  First thing is to find a certain place you stand or sit, take the shot of what's behind your screen without the laptop and don’t disturbing other items in the background.  Basically all you do is change the desktop picture on your computer screen to match what is behind it. It is actually a little bit difficult. In taking photos do not use flush, and take many pictures with different settings. Then put your monitor back.
2. Import the photo to your image edit software or image editor like iPhoto and see which ones are closest to how it should look. Cut the area of the edited photo you need, set the edited photo as your wallpaper.
3. After that, stand or sit where you just took the first photo, and choose right direction and distance to shoot a photo that looks like transparent. Special attention should be taken to the lines on the screen especially the edge of desk which should match to the background, so taking more photos and being patience is the key to a perfect work.

Making a transparent screen is a very skilled procedure to make it look exactly real. A little bit of adjustments in the lighting conditions and some contrast values is sure to get the transparent screen up and running.

Here some awesome and fun examples of transparent screen illusion:



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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wrist Keyboard

    Have you heard about a keyboard reducing wrist pain? Yes, there is a wrest keyboard designed to relieve wrist strain while typing; it is called iKey AK-39.

    Wrist keyboard is use when someone is not actually typing, and it can help someone keep his or her hands above the keyboard, because the rest provides a cue to keep the wrists up.  During a typing break,, people have their hands above the keyboard, with the fingers striking down. Having the hands above also makes it easier to reach remote function keys on the keyboard. The hands can be allowed to slide back so that the heel of the palm sits on the keyboard wrist rest, maintaining an ergonomically sound hand position while taking a break. After the break when the typist is ready to resume, the hands can be lifted from the wrist rest and placed in the proper position for typing. In addition, it has a curved back provides a secure and comfortable placement on the wrist, and the keyboard layout is optimized to provide alphanumeric entry.  It can be operated in the rain or other harsh environment. Also, this keyboard can be operated in the rain and other harsh environment.

    It is intended for military and emergency personnel use. It is also incorporates a D-pad mouse and an integrated Force Sensing Resistor pointing device with left- and right-click functionality. It’s built for drops, spills, and harsh elements too.  It features electro-magnetic shielding to protect it from harsh environments, alongside adjustable and night-vision compatible green LED backlighting, and a snap-on protective faceplate to eliminate accidental keystrokes or to stop pressing more than one button at a time when wearing gloves.

    According to the product description, “The AK-39’s small-footprint design features essential components for military and public safety applications, including an integrated Force Sensing Resistor TM (FSR) pointing device with left- and right-click functionality, and adjustable green LED backlighting that is also available in a night vision (NVIS) compatible configuration. Designed with gloved users in mind, the AK-39’s snap-on faceplate eliminates accidental key strokes and can be easily removed to clean the pad.”

    This keyboard accessory should be combined with other ergonomically-friendly measures. It is important to make sure that the keyboard is at the right height, and that the distance between the user and the monitor is appropriate. Making small adjustments to lighting, seating configuration, and so forth can also make a big comfort difference. Following ergonomic guidelines at a workstation can greatly reduce repetitive stress injuries and make people feel more comfortable at work.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Digital Roll Laptop

    What laptops really looks like? Could you picture out a laptop or a notebook that has a screen and a keypad and is sort of square shaped but maybe with rounded corners? Sounds crazy, right? But you would be stunned if someone came out used a laptop in a cylindrical or tube shaped and it rolls up like a scroll. You might say that they were completely mad or some alien creature from another planet.

    Modern and high tech gadgets apart from being stylish are getting smaller every now and then. The latest creation to catch our eye is the “next generation laptop design” by Hao Hua, as it does away with the book-like form factor in favor of one mimicking an artist’s scroll. It is called Digital Roll Laptop.

    Digital Roll (D-roll) Laptop is awesome and unique gadget works like a usual laptop, but rolls up to be a side bag or even a backpack for easy transportation. It is designed like an artist’s tube. D-roll Laptop features a roll up OLED screen and a slide out keyboard, together with a mouse and a detachable webcam that can be worn on your wrist when not attached to the system. The mouse and web camera can also be used as the end caps for the laptop case, while the straps double as ports to plug in your USB devices.

    Despite the fact that it’s just a concept but the design is inspiring and would definitely catch the eyes of other designers wishing to create a better-looking and practical laptop. If this hits the market, it would be swept off the shelves in no time.

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Fourth Generation (4G) Mobile Technology

    The 4G also knows as fourth generation of cellular wireless standards or called as Fourth-Generation Communications System. The 4G System is a term used to describe the next step in wireless communications, the successor of 2G and 3G standards. This system can provide a comprehensive IP solution where voice, data and streamed multimedia can be provided to users on an "Anytime, Anywhere" basis. Its aim is to provide a wide range of data rates up to ultra-broadband Internet access to mobile as well as stationary users. The data transfer rates are also much higher than previous generations.

The main objectives of 4G are:
    1.    4G will be a fully IP-based integrated system.
    2.   This will be capable of providing 100 mbps and 1 gbps
           speeds both indoors and outdoors.
    3.    It can provide premium quality and high security.
    4.    4G offer all types of services at an affordable cost.

    4G is set to deliver 100mbps to a roaming mobile device globally, and up to 1gbps to a stationary device. With this in mind, it allows for video conferencing, streaming picture perfect video and much more. It is developed to provide high Quality of Service (QoS) and rate requirements set by forthcoming applications such as wireless broadband access, Multimedia Messaging, Video Chat, Mobile TV, High definition TV content, DVB, minimal service like voice and data, and other streaming services.

    The world is moving rapidly towards this 4G open mobile movement. In China, the government has in fact, targeted for 4G mobile industry. In European Union, evolution to 4G has been the mission-critical strategy since 2003. Japan and Korea started 4G regulations in 2002. The US mobile market is a pretty different case, because FCC as a law enforcement agency basically has no power to enforce law. The operators pay huge to the congress, and congress manages the FCC. So eventually, the operator "makes" the law. However, nobody can stop future and it is just a matter of time when this 4G open mobile comes to life.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Stress Watch Indicates Your Stress Levels

    How stressed are you? Find out now with this amazingly simple, fun and informative gadget that indicates your changing stress level all day long. Here is Stress Watch Indicates Your Stress Levels designed by Michael Mathis and Gerda Hopfgartner, a gadget that monitors stress levels throughout the day.  To those busy people with hectic lives like businessman /businesswoman, it is useful for them.

    Aside of its future, this gadget is wearable just like an ordinary wrist watch that tells time so you will never miss an appointment or meeting, though these meetings may cause your stress levels to soar.  Stress Watch Indicates Your Stress Levels functions by measuring the heart rate and the body's temperature of the person. Then, somehow, it shows an accurate indicator of your body's stress response via a black bar graph on the screen moment to moment. The blues and greens indicate a mellow mood, compared to pinks, reds, and oranges which indicate a stressed out individual. Once the stress levels hit a peak, you can take a rest and watch as your levels begin to drop.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

USB Ass Cooler

    If you have a problem with your butt was being too hot while you sit around surfing, USB Ass Cooler can help you. The USB Ass Cooler was invented by the Japanese which cools down your ass while you are busy on your computer. It keeps your rump chilled as you tap away at your keyboard. This ass cooler is a USB powered seat cushion that issues a constant cool breeze up your cheeks, so that you don’t have to deal with your ass being too hot for comfort.

    This gadget goes onto your seat that when plugged in, it blows cool air with the help of an integrated fan. It has an on/off switch on the cable, so that the user won’t have to take the pain to remove the cable from the USB port.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Yotaro - Creepy Crying Baby Simulator Tries to Teach You How to Parent

    To be a parent is a hard task. You should prepare as possible before their bundle of joy arrives. Lots of things to be learn when having a baby especially if it is the first one. We have heard of small baby-simulator dolls used to teach people about childcare.  In Japan’s University of Tsukuba, there is a baby robotic simulator called Yotaro. Yotaro is an interactive robotic baby that portrays a variety of facial expressions, movements and physiological characteristics all natural to babies.

    According to Designboom, "Yotaro features an interactive screen for a face, which not only displays different emotions and reacts to actions and touch, but it also cries real tears. Honestly, Yotaro looks like somebody stuck a lamp inside the head of a Cabbage Patch Kid. It doesn't resemble a baby at all.” It means the device reacts to the user through a sophisticated emotion-control system that watches and senses what they are doing and provides an accompanying reaction. That baby can do a variety of things that make it much more sophisticated than the standard baby training dolls, like crying real tears on its 2-d face. For this, it’s unusual form factor and anime-like face, the Yotaro still requires a bit of imagination to see it as a real baby.
    Parenting is fairly instinctual, and it doesn't need to be simulated beforehand, like flying a jet. Unlike flying a jet, you don't need a license to become a parent.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

    Virgin Galactic is a company within Richard Branson's Virgin Group which plans to provide sub-orbital spaceflights to the paying public, along with suborbital space science missions and orbital launches of small satellites. Now the Virgin Galactic invented the unveils SpaceShipTwo (SS2), the world's first commercial spaceship with daily space tourism flights set to commence from Spaceport America in New Mexico after test program and all required US government license.

    SS2 has been designed to take many thousands of private astronauts into space. SS2 rolled out slung under the WhiteKnightTwo mothership, which will eventually carry it aloft to 50,000ft before the pair part company and a hybrid rocket engine blasts six SS2 passengers and two astronaut pilots on their sub-orbital joyride.

   Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic enthused: “This is truly a momentous day. The team has created not only a world first but also a work of art. The unveil of SS2 takes the Virgin Galactic vision to the next level and continues to provide tangible evidence that this ambitious project is not only moving rapidly, but also making tremendous progress towards our goal of safe commercial operation.”

    Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger was on hand to christen SS2 the "Virgin Space Ship (VSS) Enterprise" - something which is "not only an acknowledgement to that name’s honorable past but also looks to the future of the role of private enterprise in the development of the exploration, industrialisation and human habitation of space".

    Burt Rutan, Founder of Scaled Composites added: “All of us at Scaled are tremendously excited by the capabilities of both the mothership and SS2. Today is the culmination of a dream that began many decades ago, was stimulated by Paul Allen’s funding of our X-Prize winning SS1 and then moved forward to commercial reality by Sir Richard and Virgin’s visionary investment in a new future for space transportation”.   

    SS2 will be unveiled after darkness has fallen over the Mojave Desert to the sound of a space-themed anthem from Britain’s biggest DJs, Above and Beyond. Fittingly titled “Buzz” the track will sample Buzz Aldrin’s original moon landing dialogue. Following the naming by Governors Richardson and Schwarzenegger, the DJs will also perform an exclusive set at the celebration cocktail party which will follow and feature the first ever IceBar in the desert hosted by Absolut and the world famous Swedish IceHotel. All the guests will be protected from the desert cold by designer space jackets supplied by PUMA. Finally, to close off the celebrations, all the guests will have the opportunity to view the stunning night skies using specialist telescopes supplied by Ron Dantowitz of the Clay Observatory whose unique tracking cameras followed SS1 into space during the epic flights of 2004.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Vuzix Wrap 310 Widescreen Video Eyewear

    Sunglasses are a kind of visual correction aid and protect the eye pupil in order to prevent strong light, ultraviolet rays. But there is a sunglass where you can view videos, called Vuzix Wrap 310 by Vuzix Corporation.

    Paul Travers, the Vuzix CEO said "The Wrap 310 promises to change the game in portable video and we're thrilled to officially deliver this product to the masses". "TheWrap 310 brings advanced features to the video Eyewear category that no product has. With capabilities to add tracking and cameras that enable augmented reality and incredible gaming experiences; there is nothing like it on the market", added Travers.

  The Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear is a new class of video eyewear offering designer styling with unmatched features. It is a 16:9 wide screen format. It also features an improved on-screen user interface, included independent focus adjustments for users with corrective lenses and still features compatibility with all major 3D video formats. It is powered up by two (2) AA batteries up to six (6) hours.

   The Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear is compatible to the following devices:

    1. All iPod/iPhone models
    2. Portable DVD Players
    3. Mobile phones with video output
    4. PCs and laptops (Requires optional VGA cable adaptor)
    5. DVD/Blu-Ray players
    6. Portable media players

    Whether you are in a travel or want to play games, the Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear gets the job done in style.

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Draganflyer X6 Helicopter

    If we had an unmanned aircraft that can able to stay in the sky for five years, then we also have an unmanned helicopter, called Draganflyer X6. Draganflyer X6 is an UAV aerial vehicle remotely operated by a hand held controller. It is a miniature helicopter designed to carry wireless video cameras.

    TheDraganflyer X6 Helicopter is based on a unique six custom designed high efficiency carbon fiber rotors that has been under development since early 2006. It uses 11 sensors and thousands of lines of code to self-stabilize during flight which makes it easier to fly than any other helicopter in its class.

    The Draganflyer X6 can be used in various fields such as Industrial Constructions (Bridge Constructions, Building Construction, Pipeline / Hydro-Transmission Line Inspection, Road Construction), Government Applications (Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Measures, Wildlife Management, Environment and Transportation) and Educational needs (Advanced RC Flight Research, Aerial Archeology, Environmental Assessment, and Geological Exploration). It can be used for spying on the enemy in a safe and reliable manner.

    The Dragonfyer X6 Helicopter has other features which are different and more efficient compare to other remote controlled helicopters. These are the following unique feature:

    1.   Six Rotor Co-Axial Configuration
    2.   GPS Facility
    3.   Carbon Fiber Folding Frame
    4.   Hand held Flight Controller
    5.   Advanced Power System
    6.   High Damage Tolerance
    7.   Specially manufactured Cases
    8.   Engineered for Safety
    9.   Electronic Flight Stability
    10. Telemetry Software
    11. Wireless Video System
    12. Anti-Vibration Camera Mount
    13. HD Digital Video Camera
    14. Low Light Camera
    15. Thermal Infrared Camera.

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